Artwork Rejection Fixing Service

When it comes to customers providing print-ready artwork, it can often be a bit of a lottery. From incorrect sizing to missing bleed, we're sure you've seen it all...

These files can often result in rejection notifications and let's face it, nobody likes rejection. Rectifying the problems can often be a drawn-out, back and forth process that you could really do without.

Being the helpful people we are, ASL print essentials have developed a new service to take the pain away from incorrectly supplied files, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters.

For a fixed fee, we'll solve your artwork woes, providing a shiny print-ready PDF. The fee is split into three bands dependant on the complexity of work involved.

We aim to fix artwork within 90 minutes*. Should you have an order of an urgent nature please contact customer service.

*Service available Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm.

Small fixes - £10

If you don’t have the recommended software to create print-ready PDF's, we offer a handy service to produce compliant files. We'll transform your PDF's so they'll pass through to dispatch with no hiccups.

Service includes:

• Applying trim boxes / missing bleed
• Minor trim box fixes (if not fixed automatically)
• Fixing digital finishing elements such as Motion Cutter/Scodix*
• Colour conversion (e.g. Spot/RGB to CMYK/Mono)**
• Spot colour naming corrections (e.g. Cut/Cutter/White)
• Setting cut paths to overprint
• Adding extra height to Roller Banners (if not fixed automatically)
• Adding a duplicate second page to double-sided artwork

*This does not include file creation.

**Due to the nature of colour conversion, we cannot guarantee an exact match. We always recommend supplying artwork in CMYK format.

Medium fixes - £15

For artwork requiring additional attention, we offer a more in-depth service. We'll take the pain away from troublesome tasks such as resizing and splitting artwork or creating digital finishing elements such as Scodix.

Service includes: (+Tier 1 fixes)

• Resizing PDF's (within the correct ratio, e.g. A4 to A5)
• Fixes to match order spec (e.g. Leaflets sent as single pages)
• Combining/Splitting PDF’s
• Creating digital finishing elements* (Motioncutter/Scodix)
• Minor corrections to cut paths (eg. add template, fixing cut path)

* Based on supplied artwork only.

Complex fixes - £25

When critical projects come along, attention to detail is everything. This service offers additional assistance for complex products to ensure the best possible outcome.

Service includes: (+Tier 1 & 2 fixes)

• Fixes to match order specification
(e.g. Book covers with incorrect spine measurement)
• Creep checks/adjustment on book products
• Major cut path corrections
• Correction of double-sided cut to shape artwork
• Creation of selective white layer for self-adhesive*
• Repositioning artwork into safe area of Roller Banner*
• Converting NCR artwork into spot colours*

*If artwork allows.


Once artwork fixes are complete, we will provide print-ready PDF's for you to upload to your order.

All prices are subject to sight of adjustable artwork.

Please note:This is not a proof reading service and we advise grammar and spelling is checked carefully prior to upload.